geekpro 3.0 review

Are you looking for a good cheap alternative to GoPro Hero4? Well the answer is here in this Geekpro 3.0 review. As usual, I would like to share with you my personal experience and give you more visibility on what are the pros and cons of the Geekpro 3.0 and also what to expect in terms of quality and features.

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I have already done an in-depth review on the Geekpro 2.0, which is an earlier Geekpro model that was less powerful. This brand always surprises me with its cheap prices and high quality features.

From my experience with the Geekpro brand, the 3.0 provides a great value per dollar spent. What you get is 4K quality videos, 2x LCD displays and lots of accessories for less than $90!!


Let’s Jump To The Review!

Product: GeekPro 3.0

Price: $84.99

Cheapest Place To Buy:

My Rating: 9/10


If you’re looking for an affordable action camera with a GREAT value for money then look no further, the Geekpro 3.0 is your best option! I know that nothing can be compared to GoPro‘s quality. BUT when you look at the huge price gap between the Geekpro ($84.99) and the Hero4 silver ($399) for example, you will definitely doubt the Geekpro capabilities, but on the contrary it was really crazy how awesome it operates and the quality it produces.

Other than the good video quality, you will get a lot of free accessories along with the package. Check below the list of stuff that are included with the camera:


Here’s What You’ll Get With The Camera!

1x Geekpro 3.0 action camera
1x Carrying bag 
1x Waterproof Housing 
1x Handle Bar/Pole Mount 
7x Mount
1x Clip1 
1x Clip2 
1x Helmet Mounts 
1x Battery 
1x Adhesive 
1x Tethers
1x USB Cable 
1x Charger 
1x Lens Cloth 
1x User Manual

geekpro 2.0 accessories

What To Expect

You might want to order the big mounts separately since none is included with the camera. It’s cool that they provide an extra battery because one is not enough especially when you’re outdoors and planning to shoot for a couple of hours.

The Geekpro 3.0 is capable of capturing videos in ultra HD 4K@15fps, also in 2.7K@30fps, 1080p@60fps, 1080p@30fps. It has a 12Megapixels sensor for high resolution still shots.

A HUGE advantage is the 2 built-in LCD displays, one in the front that gives you information about camera modes and recording status and the usual LCD at the back. They are extremely useful and can really make your life easier when changing settings and framing your shots. It also has WiFi capabilities and has a mobile app that you can use to control your camera!

I have used the Geekpro 3.0 on many trips and outdoor activities and here is my personal feedback on this amazingly cheap BUT capable camera.


 geekpro 3.0

What Are The Pros?

  • Price. It’s shockingly low, like seriously you get a 4K action cam with different accessories for a super cheap price. It looks fishy I know but trust me, this camera is great compared to its price. A huge advantage for anyone who wants to get an action camera without paying $300+.
  • Stunning video quality for an $85 camera! The video is crisp and clear. Don’t compare it to a GoPro because you will not get the exact same quality but it will be close enough. The lens has a wide angle so you can capture more of your surroundings.
  • Sound quality is good if you’re not using the waterproof housing, because it will muffle the sound. It would be better to use the skeleton backdoor when you’re not near any water.
  • The back LCD display made it more convenient to navigate through the menus to change settings and modes. The display menu is well done and not over complicated. The front LCD provides information about modes and recording status.
  • Battery life is also good, batteries are at 1050mh and you get 2 with the camera. Charging each battery takes around 3 hours and each battery lasts around 2 hours!
  • The WiFi lets me connect to my phone through an app called EZ iCam App. It enables me to control the camera and change modes without the need to press any buttons or use the LCD.
  • The waterproof housing can do down to 30 meters, it’s great for advanced scuba divers. You might also need to look for compatible filters to get the best color quality when underwater.
  • Geekpro has an excellent customer service. They are very friendly and customer oriented. They will immediately replace your camera in case of any issue or defect.

 geekpro 3.0 accessories

What Are The Cons?

  • Like it’s predecessor, the Geekpro 3.0 supports MicroSD cards for up to 32GB only. Cards over 32 are not compatible and the camera will not give any error if you used one BUT it will not save the recorded videos. Happened to me when I first bought the camera since I normally use 64GB cards on my GoPro.
  • It can a little complicated to navigate through the menus using only the camera buttons. I prefer to use the LCD or the mobile app to go through the menus and change settings.
  • I have noticed that facing the camera to direct light can make videos and photos a little overexposed.


As you can see, there are many more pros than cons in this Geekpro 3.0. I have tested it on multiple occassions and I have to say that I’m really impressed with its capabilities looking at the low price of the camera.

The Geekpro 3.0 is compatible with the GoPro mounts so if you already own a GoPro and have all the mounts, you can still use them with the Geekpro as well so no need to buy additional ones.

To Conclude

The Geekpro 3.0 has really served me during my outdoor activities and trips. It provided nice quality videos and photos. I captured great moments with a camera I never expected to perform at this level. It’s a small action camera that can be a CHEAP alternative to GoPro. So if you are on a budget and would like to own an action camera then give the Geekpro a try, you will not be disappointed.


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There you have it!

If you have any questions or would like to share your opinion on the GeekPro 3.0 review, then just leave me a comment in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help! 🙂