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GoPro Max vs GoPro Hero 8 Black Detailed Comparison

Did you know that GoPro Max has the best image stabilization technology in all GoPro cameras? Did you also know that GoPro Max can shoot regular non-360-degree videos? These two features have placed the GoPro Max in a tight race… Continue Reading →

Akaso V50X Review

Welcome to my Akaso V50X review! The V50X is the latest action camera by Akaso and was released in the summer of 2019. Following the success of the V50 Elite and V50 Pro, Akaso have then released the Akaso V50X… Continue Reading →

Akaso V50 Elite Action Camera Review

Even though I had the camera for some time, it took me a while to write this Akaso V50 Elite review. If you are looking for a cheap but efficient action camera then you might want to look at this… Continue Reading →

Drift Ghost X Review

Welcome to my Drift Ghost X review! What’s special about this small action camera, who is it for andis it worth the money? Let’s find out.. The Ghost X is the lightest and cheapest model in the Drift action cameras…. Continue Reading →

ThiEYE T5 Pro Action Camera Review

If you’re looking for the ThiEYE T5 Pro action camera then you might want to check this detailed review. You might be already familiar with the ThiEYE brand that manufactures electronics like action cameras and dash cameras. Following the success… Continue Reading →

GoPro Fusion vs GoPro Max Comparison: GoPro 360 Cameras Detailed Review

GoPro Max vs Fusion – In November 2017, GoPro ventured into the 360 cameras market and launched their first 360-degree camera, the GoPro Fusion. GoPro wasn’t the first action brand to jump into this technology, Nikon had already released their… Continue Reading →

How to: Akaso V50 Pro Firmware Update – H.265 Codec Fix

I get asked a lot about the Akaso V50 Pro firmware update process. How to download the firmware files, which firmware should be used and which ones to avoid. If you go to Akaso’s official website and navigate to the… Continue Reading →

Akaso V50 Pro vs Elite Detailed Comparison

Welcome to my Akaso V50 Pro vs Elite detailed comparison article! Both the Akaso V50 Pro and the Akaso V50 Elite are considered entry-level action cameras. And both fall under the budget action cams category for costing less than $200…. Continue Reading →

Akaso Brave 6 Action Camera Review

Welcome to my Akaso Brave 6 review! This new action camera from Akaso costs less than a $100 and it is the successor of the previous Brave 4 model. Akaso is one of the leaders in the budget action camera… Continue Reading →

Apeman Trawo A100 Action Camera Review

Welcome to my Apeman Trawo A100 review! Today I want to talk about the latest action camera model from Apeman. It’s called the Apeman Trawo or A100 and it is the successor of the Apeman A80. When I think of… Continue Reading →

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