Introduction – What does the term “camera gimbal” mean?

The term “camera gimbal” refers to a device that helps you in shooting innovative snapshots from an aerial point of view. Basically, it assists in keeping the camera level at a constant height by allowing it to pivot on an axis.

The use of gimbals has become extensively popular in scenarios where the camera must be mounted on airborne vehicles such as drones. If you want to capture a consistent and stable video footage or if you are a drone professional, a gimbal can prove to be an essential tech tool for you.

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 Zhiyun Z1 Pround

Buying Guide – A few things to Consider Before Buying a Gimbal:

Gimbals come with several features, so before buying one you need to think about which features are the most important for you. Check out some of the properties you must look in to when you are considering to purchase a gimbal.


One of the main factors to be considered while buying a gimbal camera is battery consistency and timing. For instance, the Pilot-fly comprises of an internal battery that has the capability to function as long as one hour and forty minutes.

However, the battery is really difficult to be replaced in the field, with the replacement time taking up to fifteen minutes. There is also a possibility of losing the tiny screws while replacing the battery, which can double the trouble.

Therefore you need to check the ease of battery replacement and the cost involved, in case you need to get it done for your gimbal in the future.

Tool-less design:

A gimbal which allows for quick mounting is always a feature that is highly demanded and one which promotes productivity.

On the contrary, if the mounting process is time consuming, the gimbal becomes a hindrance to the productivity.

If you have a habit of rarely changing the lenses on the gimbal, then this factor may not be of consideration to you.

Size and weight factors:

The lighter a gimbal is, the longer you can conceivably film. This combined with a camera which itself is of light weight, makes for a very user friendly combo and allows for usage for longer periods of time generally.

32bit vs 8bit:

The modern gimbals being introduced in the market are typically 32 bit, with the 8 bit boards getting out of trend slowly.

If you intend to move the gimbal to aggressive and steady angles, you should probably go for the 32-bit board whereas if you don’t plan to hold the gimbal at extreme angles or overturn it, you can select any one of the two choices available.

Zhiyun Z-1 Pround 3-Axis Gimbal Review

The handheld, 3-axis motorized Z1-Pround Gimbal from Zhiyun Tech allows you to shoot consistent, smooth and stable video footages with the assistance of a GoPro or any other compatible camera. This gimbal has made it to my list of the best GoPro gimbals for 2017.

You can control the camera tilt and the operating modes of the gimbal using the three buttons provided on the handle. The camera can be locked in a specific place along all the axes i.e tilt, pan and roll.

You can also make use of the select modes to make sure that the camera smoothly follows your directions whenever you pan and tilt the handle. The Zhiyun Z1-Pround 3-Axis Gimbal is highly compatible with GoPro Cameras and you are provided with two sets of screws for mounting the camera on the gimbal.

The shorter screw set lets you attach a GoPro device while the longer one enables you to configure a GoPro comprising of an attached LCD Touch BacPac.

Zhiyun Z1 Pround_1

The battery set consists of a couple of rechargeable 18650 type 2000mAh batteries to power the motor. The included charger can be used to recharge the batteries when the battery indicator light notifies you of low battery.

An additional feature of the Z1-Pround Gimbal is the USB port provided that permits you to recharge the GoPro device simultaneously from the same rechargeable batteries being used to power the gimbal motor.

There is no denying that this 3-axis handheld gimbal is tailor-made for GoPro. The installation procedure is quite simple as well. One more innovative feature is the micro USB interface.

Summing up the package, it encompasses the battery charger, the battery extension rod and the USB cable along with the primary gimbal.

All of these specs make you feel more contented and extend the gimbal standby time period over 9h. The camera charge port, could be used to charge anywhere and anytime.

Key Features:

  • 3-Axis motorized gimbal
  • Compatible with GoPro HERO3/3+, HERO4 silver and Hero4 Black, as well as more equally sized action cameras
  • Comprises of a built-in independent IMU module
  • Three buttons provided on handle for controlling camera tilt and switching operating modes
  • Automatic calibration after powering on
  • Voluntary extension pole available
  • Micro-USB port available for setting and firmware upgrade
  • LED battery level indicator light
  • Specifically designed USB port for charging a GoPro
  • Two 18650 type 2000mAh batteries and dual charger encompassed


Heading Following Mode: In this mode, the camera follows the panning motion of handle while locking the tilt and roll axes
All Axis Lock: Locks all three i.e pan, tilt, and roll axes
Tilt and Pan Following Mode: Locks specifically the roll axis, while the camera smoothly follows the pan and tilt motion of the handle

Zhiyun Z1 Pround_2

Rotation Angles:

Tilt: 270° (handle in vertical position)
Pan: 270° (handle in vertical position), 90° (handle in horizontal position)
Roll: 90°


  • Compatible Cameras: GoPro HERO cameras and similarly sized action cameras
  • Tilt Speed: 1°/s to 50°/s
  • Panning Speed: 1°/s to 80°/s
  • Power: 2 x 18650 type 2000mAh batteries
  • USB: 1 x Micro-USB port for firmware upgrade
  • Battery Functioning Time: Approx. 10 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 3 hours (using included dual battery charger)
  • Weight 11.8 oz (335 g) (without camera or battery)

Here’s a YouTube video by Zhiyun-tech showing the features of the Z-1 Pround gimbal:


If you want to capture smooth and innovative footage from an aerial perspective, then this Zhiyun Pround 3-Axis Gimbal is certainly the gimbal for you to get started with.

Moreover, its compatibility with GoPro Cameras makes it ideal for users fond of using GoPro.

I hope you liked my Zhiyun Z-1 Pround 3-Axis Gimbal Review. If you have any questions then please leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to answer your queries 🙂