GoPro cameras have protective housings but I don’t think it offers enough protection for my camera. I really don’t want to risk cracking or damaging the lens plus who wants to put all their accessories in a plastic bag whether traveling or going on a surfing trip, and that’s the reason why I use a carrying case. It keeps all my stuff organized, protected and offers convenience especially when traveling.

I will show you today the best carrying cases that I own and will explain to you in detail about each model and the benefits it can offer based on your needs.

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best gopro carrying case

1- AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro

A basic case and a must have for every GoPro user, it keeps my camera and accessories organized and easy to find. It provides protection and convenience when traveling because of its foam padding and secure durable zipper that helps keep my GoPro safe from accidental drops and scratches.

This case can fit all GoPro models, along with the housing, LCD BacPac, battery BacPac, housing backdoors, battery, remote control, Floaty backdoor, SD memory card. It also has an elastic pocket to store cables and other accessories.

I always look for peace of mind when it comes to my GoPro stuff because I lost many accessories before and back then I wasn’t using any cases but just a bag also it was a nightmare to find what I was looking for. It’s much more convenient now as everything is neatly organized. This case has a compact size which makes it fit in my luggage or back pack without any issue, it also comes with an integrated carrying handle.

The AmazonBasics Carrying Case comes in two sizes, small and large, the large one can fit all the above plus an additional GoPro, battery, a suction cup mount , a POV pole and a wall charger.




2- Smatree SmaCase G260s

One of my favorite GoPro aftermarket brands, Smatree in my opinion is a really good choice for GoPro accessories and cases. This Smatree GoPro case is a medium case that can fit a little more than the AmazonBasics.

It has a hard shell case that provides plenty of space for my accessories. The interior foam is cut to fit 2 x GoPro cameras of any model with their housings, 2 x BacPac accessories, 2 x batteries, GoPro floaty backdoor, suction cups, small mounts, charger, remote and POV pole.

It also has a mesh pocket, where I managed to put my cables and the Brunton All day battery 2.0 and a couple of mount screws. The mesh pocket is very well made because it doesn’t bulge so you would never know if you store stuff inside the pocket unless you unzip the case. The case is made from high quality components which I noticed immediately upon receiving the case.

If you want more quality and durability then the Smatree SmaCase G260S is your best option.




3- GoPro Camera Casey

If you don’t like aftermarket products then you have the choice to go with the GoPro Casey. The difference between this and the others GoPro cases I showed you above is that the compartments can be customized thanks to the removable dividers. These dividers are padded and durable, they attach with Velcro allowing variable configurations. They protect the gear in case of any accidental drops.

What I most like about the GoPro Casey is the protection it provides for my camera and accessories against light rain and snow because of its water-resistant design.

The case has a mesh pocket and a removable pouch inside it so I can store my batteries, memory cards and thumb screws. I even sometimes use this pouch if I don’t want to take the whole case with me, it can easily fit my camera and few accessories. The pouch has a zipper that seals up tight and inside it another padded bag that can be used to isolate the camera from other accessories so to offer better protection for the GoPro.

I personally liked how this case is designed, the protection and customization it offers is worth every dollar spent on it. If you like to stick to GoPro products then the GoPro Casey is the perfect choice.



4- Supremery Sup320 Water Resistant Case

Too many accessories require bigger cases and this is where the Supremery Sup320 comes into play. This case is big enough to fit most of my GoPro accessories, the inside has a tray with a pre-cut soft foam that can fit 2 GoPro cameras of any model along with a LOT of accessories.

But that’s not everything, this is only the upper part, once you remove the tray with pre-cut foam, you will have plenty of space under it to store many more additional accessories. On my last trip to Spain, I fit the following in this case: 2 x GoPro Hero4, 2 x BacPac, 3 x Wasabi Batteries, 1 x Brunton All Day 2.0, 1 x GoPro Floaty Backdoor, 1 x GoPro Smart Remote, 1 x Chest Harness, 1 x SP-gadgets POV pole, 1 x GoPro handler, 1 x Gorilla tripod, 1 x GoPro clamp, 1 x Wasabi dual battery charger, cables and thumb screws.

Yes, I did fit all these inside the Supremery Sup320 case! It’s amazing how much this case can handle without getting bulgy. It also has an upper mesh pocket to put cables and memory cards and it’s secured with a zipper. It also has another small mesh pocket in the lower compartment to store thumb screws.

The outside is well designed and as I mentioned earlier, it’s water resistant (NOT waterproof) so light rain and snow wouldn’t be a problem. It has a comfy rubber handle for stronger grip.

I personally give this Supremery Sup320 Case a 5-star based on its design, value and quality. It’s the best GoPro carrying case I have.




5- Pelican 1200 Case

This case is not for everyone, yeah I know it looks like a toolbox but thanks to its design, the Pelican 1200 can survive extremely rough conditions. I use it for long and extreme trips because I need a bigger, more rugged and WATERPROOF case.

I took this one with me to long treks in Nepal and India, and I must say that it’s awesome. You can drop it in the ocean or leave it at the top of Everest, this case will really stand against all difficulties without any issues. It’s crush-proof and waterproof, can go underwater without letting in one drop of water thanks to its O-ring seal and an Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve which releases built up air pressure while keeping water out, it’s rugged and can fit a lot of stuff. Of course, it’s heavy and more expensive than the usual cases but for it’s advantages is worth the money.

The Pelican GoPro case can handle huge amount of abuse without any damage. Its quality cannot be compared to other similar cases. The latches are secure and take some effort to open so they don’t pop open by accident. It comes with different colors but I personally prefer the Orange since it’s easier to find in case I dropped in the water or I’m looking for it in the trunk of my car.

If you are a person that likes extreme stuff then you will most likely fall in love with the Pelican 1200 Case.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen!

Let me know what do you think about the best GoPro carrying case by leaving a comment in the comments section below 🙂