Learning how to reset a GoPro WiFi password is essential since WiFi is a crucial part of your GoPro as it enables you to connect to your GoPro app and remote control.

With all the passwords we have in mind nowadays, it can happen that sometimes we forget our GoPro WiFi password.

But not to worry, performing a password reset is pretty easy and takes a few minutes!

I will show you today how to reset the WiFi password on all GoPro models, from the Hero+ to the Hero5, 6, 7, 8 and MAX.

Please bear in mind that some of the below methods will require you to use the GoPro app via your smartphone or GoPro studio via your PC and not only the camera itself, since each GoPro model has it’s own password reset procedure, the older the model, the longer it takes to reset the password.

You will notice that the Hero+, Hero2 WiFi BacPac and the Hero3/3+ have longer procedures and requires you to download files (which I also included in the steps).

Just follow each step carefully and you should succeed in resetting the password in no time!

Hero+ and Hero+ LCD

Reset hero+ hero+ LCD Wifi password

This one is a 2 parts process, first part is resetting the WiFi settings and the second part is pairing with GoPro App in order to create a  new name/password.

You need GoPro App in order to do the reset so make sure it’s installed on your phone or tablet.


1- Go to ‘Setup’ and press the top shutter to select

2- Press the top shutter to select ‘Wireless’

3- Press the Mode button repeatedly until you see ‘Reset WiFi’ then press the shutter button to select

4- Press the Mode button to highlight ‘Reset’ then press the shutter button to select.


1- Turn WiFi and Bluetooth on your phone or tablet

2- Open the GoPro App

3- Click ‘Connect your camera’ then click ‘Add new device’ and select your camera model

4- Follow the pairing instructions

5- Click on ‘Continue’ to begin pairing then input your camera PIN and click ‘Pair’

6- Create a camera ‘Name and Password’ then choose ‘Update your camera’

7- When prompted, connect your phone/tablet to your camera using WiFi

8- Once connected, go back to GoPro App then click ‘Connect your camera’ and choose the new camera name you created from the list.

GoPro Hero2 WiFi BacPac

reset gopro hero 2 wifi password

1- You need to download GoPro Studio V2.0 (Download here for Windows or MAC).

The reset cannot be done with the latest version since the new versions are no longer compatible with the Hero2 WiFi BacPac

2- Open GoPro Studio, then connect your WiFi BacPac to your PC with a USB cable

3- Go to ‘Help’->’Device Windows’

4- Choose the WiFi BacPac from the list

5- Choose ‘Change Name and Password’

6- You need to use a minimum of 8 characters for both Name and Password.

GoPro Hero3/3+

Many people asked me to show them how to reset GoPro Hero 3 wifi password without a computer.

Unfortunately, this is not possible, you will need a computer since the reset procedure requires some files to be downloaded and copied to the camera SD card.

This is the easiest method on how to reset a GoPro Hero 3 and 3+ WiFi password:

1- Either connect your GoPro to your computer or remove the microSD card and insert it in a SD card adapter

2- Download the configuration files below:

3- Unzip the downloaded folders

4- Open the unzipped folder, then open “settings.in” with Notepad and edit only the bold part of the SSID and password as shown below, then save and close the file.


  • For Hero 3+: Make sure the files are in the “UPDATE” folder, otherwise it won’t work. Paste the whole “UPDATE” folder in your microSD card root folder.
  • For Hero 3: You only need to paste the files without the folder, to the root directory of your microSD card.

5- Disconnect your GoPro from your computer, it will turn off.

6- Turn the GoPro back on. It should now show you that it’s updating. Once this is completed, it will turn off again.

7- You can turn it back on and connect to the WiFi SSID that you chose in step4 using the password you specified as well.

>>Since this is the most complicated procedure here, I have included the below video that can help if you feel stuck while following the above steps:

GoPro Hero4 Session

reset gopro hero4 session wifi password

1- Make sure your Hero4 Session is off

2- Press and hold the Info/WiFi button for 8-10 seconds or until you see”Reset Wi-Fi.”

3- Press the Info/WiFi button once to highlight YES then press the Shutter button (The camera will inform you that the reset is successful and will turn off).

4- You can now pair your camera with GoPro App and choose a new WiFi name and password.

GoPro Hero4 Silver/Black

reset gopro hero4 silver black wifi password

1- Turn On your GoPro Hero4 Silver or Black, press and hold the Settings button (on the side) for 2 seconds until the Wi-Fi Mode options appear.

2-  Press and release the Power/Mode button on the front while still holding the settings button.

3- Under ‘Reset Wi-Fi Settings’ option, select “Reset”.

GoPro Hero5 Session

reset gopro hero5 session wifi password

1- Turn your Hero5 Session off then press the Menu button to turn on the status screen.

2- Press the Menu button repeatedly then select “Connections Settings”

3- Press the Menu button repeatedly then select “Reset Connections”

4- Navigate to “Yes”

5- You will see “Wi-fi Reset Successful” on the status screen

To know what is the new password, do the below:

  1. Repeat steps 1-2 above.
  2. Press the Menu button then select Camera Info
  3. The new camera name and WiFi password will be displayed, note them down.

GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero6 Black

how to reset gopro hero5 black wifi password

1- Swipe down on the main screen of your GoPro Hero5 Black or Hero6 Black

2- Click “Connect” -> “Reset Connections” then Click “Reset”

3- The camera will now create a new password (The WiFi name cannot be reset, only the password)

4- Use the newly created password to connect yo your GoPro’s WiFi

To know what is the new password, do the below:

  1. Swipe down on the main screen
  2. Select “Connect”, go to the Information section then Name and Password.
  3. Note down the new camera name and password.
  4. You now need to re-connect your computer or phone to the new GoPro WiFi password.

GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver & White. GoPro Hero8 Black/MAX

reset HERO7 wifi password

1- Swipe down on the main screen of your GoPro Hero7 Black, Silver or White or GoPro Hero8 Black / MAX.

2- Click “Preferences” -> “Connections” -> “Reset Connections”

3- The camera will now create a new name and new password

4- Use the newly created password to connect to your GoPro’s WiFi

You can change the name of your camera when you pair with the GoPro app after you reset the connections.

Reset GoPro Hero 8 Black & MAX WiFi Password

Final Words..

I know that it can be quite technical for some of you to reset the WiFi password especially in the older models as it requires more time to have the password reset compared to the 10 seconds procedure on the Hero8 models.

As our technology evolves, small technical procedures like these become more and more easy. If you feel that you need any help with the steps above, just let me know.

There you have it folks! You now know how to reset your GoPro WiFi password.

If you have any questions, please let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂