Akaso v50 Pro vs Elite Detailed Comparison

Welcome to my Akaso v50 Pro vs Elite detailed comparison artcile! Both the Akaso v50 Pro and the Akaso v50 Elite are considered entry level action cameras. And both fall under the budget action cams category for costing less than… Continue Reading →

Drift Ghost X Review

Welcome to my Drift Ghost X review! So.. What’s so special about this small action camera and who is it for?Is it worth buying the Drift Ghost X? Let’s take a look.. The Ghost X is the lightest and cheapest… Continue Reading →

Akaso Brave 6 Action Camera Review

Welcome to my Akaso Brave 6 review! This new action camera from Akaso costs less than a $100 and it is the successor of the previous Brave 4 model. Akaso is one of the leaders in the budget action camera… Continue Reading →

Apeman Trawo A100 Action Camera Review

Welcome to my Apeman Trawo A100 review! Today I want to talk about the latest action camera model from Apeman. It’s called the Apeman Trawo or A100 and it is the successor of the Apeman A80. When I think of… Continue Reading →

Apeman A80 4K Action Camera Review

Welcome to my Apeman A80 4K action camera review! Today I will talk about the Apeman A80 action camera which was released back in 2018. Now to be truthful, I always think of GoPro when it comes to action cameras… Continue Reading →

Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs Zhiyun Smooth Q

I want to show you today my comparison of the Zhiyun Smooth 4 vs the Zhiyun Smooth Q. Both of these are smartphone gimbals but can also be used with a GoPro using an adapter. When DJI came back to… Continue Reading →

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal Review and Tutorial

In this Zhiyun Smooth 4 review, I will go in-depth about all the features of this gimbal and I will provide as much information as possible in order to help you with your buying decision. I will also provide a… Continue Reading →

Feiyu Tech G6 Review

Today, I want to walk you through the Feiyu Tech G6 review I wrote after testing it few days ago. The latest Feiyu Tech gimbal is the G6 replacing the G5 gimbal which you might have already heard about. The… Continue Reading →

How to Connect a GoPro to WiFi Home Network

So today I decided to write a guide on how to connect a GoPro to WiFi home network. As you might already know, the WiFi on the GoPro cameras is in AP (Access Point) mode and not in Client Mode,… Continue Reading →

Akaso v50 Pro Review

Known for their technically superior models, fantastic performance and ease of use, GoPro action cameras have been the industry-leader for quite a while now. If you are diving into the action camera market just now, chances are you have heard… Continue Reading →

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