Out of all the GoPro cameras in the market, which one in your opinion is the best for the money? I would like to share with you today my personal review on the Hero4 silver that I consider the best GoPro to invest in.

GoPro is the number 1 action camera manufacturer in the world. They provide high quality products for very affordable prices and that is an advantage for action lovers or practically anyone who likes to take high quality videos.

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Honestly, I see that the Hero4 Silver provides the best value per dollar spent when it comes to features and taking very high quality footage. It comes with an LCD screen and a waterproof housing.


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Product: GoPro Hero4 Silver

Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 10/10


If you’re looking for a great camera with a great value for money then look no further, the GoPro Hero4 Silver is your best option! It’s personally my favorite GoPro camera when compared with the other Hero4’s.

The silver edition in my opinion is a great camera and it’s very similar to the black edition except for the 1.7 inch LCD screen that is not available in the Black and can make your life easier when using the camera.

At 100$ cheaper than the black edition, this camera gives you great quality videos with resolutions at 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, 720p at 120fps! It has a 12 Megapixels sensor that can take high resolution still shots at the speed of 30 photos per second! And with the Quick Capture feature that lets you power on the camera and start recording with the press of a single button.

What GoPro added to this camera as well is the new HiLight tag which lets you mark important moments while you’re recording videos that way you can easily find them during playback or editing of your videos. You just need to press the HiLight button from the camera, app or WiFi remote.

Another good advantage here is that you can still use the same housings of the previous Hero3/3+ cameras since they have the same dimensions which I find really good so if you already own a Hero3/3+ you don’t have to spend more money on buying new housings. Keep in mind that the Hero4 has 60+ accessories available in the market, so imagine the variety you have here, you can mount it anywhere and on any thing!


YES, it has an integrated LCD

The Hero4 Silver is the first GoPro to have an integrated touch screen, I find that the display is very handful since you can use it for changing settings and modes, you need to swipe in from the right to select your mode, then swipe up from the bottom in order to change your mode settings, you can use to preview videos and photos so you can frame your perfect shot.

It’s much more efficient than all the button-pressing required on the Hero4 black for example, as sometimes you may miss an option and you have to press 10 times to find the right mode!

It’s also very handy if you are using the camera at night since the front small monochrome screen doesn’t lit which makes it a nightmare for changing options. Of course you can still use the GoPro mobile app but I think everyone prefers the LCD touch display.


The camera can also be connected to the GoPro WiFi remote and the good news is that you can use the same Hero3 remote if you already have one, and in case you don’t then you might want to check the new GoPro Smart Remote which includes the HiLight button that makes changing options a lot easier.

In case you don’t know, the GoPro App transforms your phone into a remote where you can view live video and take full control of all the settings, preview and playback. What I like in the gopro app is the share feature that enables you to share your photos or videos instantly to social media like Facebook, Youtube, etc..

Another cool feature is that you can also control multiple cameras from distances of up to 180 meters (600 feet) ! Yes, now you can 🙂

You will also notice that the placement of the battery has changed in the Hero4 Silver, it is now from the bottom of the camera. Unlike the Hero3 which was at the back.

And because the silver has an integrated LCD, it means that it will need more power to run, and more power means more battery consumption. My advise would be to turn off the LCD when you are not using it that way you can take longer footage without worrying about the battery dying. Another option  would be to use a more powerful, long lasting battery like the Brunton all day 2.0.


It has an After Dark setting!

I always wanted to take night shots with my GoPro Hero3 which was really difficult since it wasn’t low light compatible, but this one is a complete different story. It has two new modes: Night lapse and Night Photo. Both modes offer customizable exposure settings for up to 30 seconds on single and night lapse photos, you cannot imagine how cool is this feature if you like taking night lapses of the stars or even the milky way!

Another new cool feature is the auto low light mode. What this feature does is that it detects low light and  then automatically regulates frame rates so you don’t have to change settings when you move between light and dark places. It will basically do the job for you.

What I also find extremely useful is Protune, it’s available for both photos and videos, it lets you control exposure, ISO and manual color control, you just need to turn protune on in your camera settings and it will help you a lot with your post production, for example: if you have taken a video with another camera for lets say 24 frame rates, protune helps you synchronize these frame rates with your gopro video.



So to conclude

The GoPro Hero4 Silver is an awesome camera that includes all GoPro’s great features and it provides amazing value for each dollar spent in case you’re thinking of investing in one.

Check the reviews and see for yourself 🙂

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There you have it folks!

Do you think the Hero4 is the best GoPro for the money? Let me know in the comments section below 😀