Do you want to know what is the cheapest GoPro Camera, what are its specs and who can use it? We all know that GoPro is the number one for action cameras in the world, and what I like about them is that they offer different models that suits every users’ needs.

The GoPro Hero provides the best value per dollar spent when you compare to other same price action cameras, we are talking quality here, Full HD resolution and it comes with a waterproof housing.

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Product: GoPro Hero gopro hero

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My Rating: 9 out of 10


Why Choose GoPro?

You may be wondering why GoPro produces such cameras in the market, they already have the Hero4 series which are very powerful cameras with super high quality resolution and features. Well, the reason is simple, they want to hit lower quality or let’s say cheaper action camera competitors.

And this is good in my opinion since it gives everyone the opportunity to own a GoPro, so if you are on a budget and you would like to have a GoPro camera then the Hero would be your best choice. What we need to focus on here is the quality vs the price, this camera offers great value for every dollar spent.

You can always find cheaper action cameras which some I reviewed here on my website, but you won’t find the same high quality that GoPro offers, trust me, I have tested A LOT of other brands, but I always go back to GoPro, maybe it’s only me, maybe you will like the other cameras.


It shares many Hero4 features, YES it actually does!

Ok so you may be surprised now, but no it really has many similar features as the Hero4 cameras. It has the ultra wide glass lens that gives you immersive perspective that GoPro is famous for, the beauty of this wide lens is that you can take close range selfies and mounted shots that will allow you to see more of yourself and your surroundings. HERO Burst Mode

Believe it or not, this Hero is capable of taking time-lapses also, so when you enable the time lapse mode the camera will take a photo every 0.5 second, you can shoot amazing footage with this mode, point it at a sunset and leave taking photos for 30 minutes and then compile the photos in one time-lapse video!

This camera has a 5 Megapixels sensor that capture great still photos at the speed of 5 shots per second, the feature is called Burst Mode and you can enable it from your cameras settings. So what is Burst mode?

Burst mode is another useful feature that I personally use a lot during my kitesurfing jumps, what this mode does is that it takes up to 5  photos per second, so I can take several photos during my jump, but of course you can use it for any sorts of fast action.


More Features? Yep

Sometimes you need to take a video quickly but your camera is off, the cool thing about this Hero is that you can turn it on and start recording by pressing the upper button, yeah it’s that easy and what’s better is if you would like to take time-lapses or photos then you need to press that same button and hold it for 2 seconds. This way you won’t miss any shot, guaranteed 🙂 GoPro Hero- Back side

As I mentioned at the start of this review, the GoPro Hero takes full HD videos, 1080p at 30 frames per second, and HD videos 720p at 60 frames per second which honestly is enough for shooting action footage unless you need to do advanced video editing with slow motion and stuff then it might not be very compliant but still you can do it with lower frame rates compared to the Hero4 series for example.

Now here comes the unexpected feature, are you ready?? the AUTO LOW LIGHT mode!! In case you don’t know what auto low light is then let me explain it to you, auto low light adjusts the frame rates of your camera based on the lighting conditions, so you can have the best low light performance on your footage, and it auto regulates when you move to or from a dark place. This features really does help a lot since GoPro cameras were not that great in low light.


Waterproof down to 40 meters (131 feet)

The Hero comes with a waterproof housing that enables you to take the camera 40 meters (131 feet) under water, same as the more expensive GoPro Hero4 series. This housing is rugged, it can resist water and dirt and will serve as a protection to your camera. GoPro Hero Diving

Of course like all other GoPro cameras, the Hero has a built-in microphone that is let’s say “average”, it gets worse when you use the waterproof housing, so when you’re not near water, I recommend you to use the skeleton backdoor for a better sound quality but be careful, you need to be in a dry place, free of dirt.

My advise to you is to always use the GoPro protection housing, never go out without it, it serves as a protection so keep your camera in it at all times.

The micro SD card is not included in the package, and you will need one to save your footage. For this model, I recommend you to get the SANDisk Extreme 32GB, you won’t need the extreme Pro since the camera don’t shoot higher than 1080p 30fps. You can check the MicroSD card here.


Let’s jump to the conclusion

The GoPro Hero is a great camera, especially if you’re on a budget and you want to own a high quality, durable action cam. It’s great for entry-level action photography, you can start with this model, try it, and maybe later you can upgrade to better and higher quality models like the Hero4 silver and the Hero4 Black.


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I hope you enjoyed my review!

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