The Wasabi GoPro battery is seriously one of the best aftermarket batteries on the market, its quality and cheap price makes it a top pick, that’s for sure!
With a power of 1160mAh, these batteries perform better than the OEM GoPro batteries and last a bit longer. They are also much cheaper!
If you’re not happy with your OEM batteries and looking for an alternative then Wasabi Power would be your best choice.


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Let’s Jump To The Review!

Product: Wasabi Power Battery For GoPro Hero4

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My Rating: 9/10


Why Choose Wasabi?

Wasabi Power is a Japanese brand that manufactures aftermarket batteries for various camera brands like Canon, Panasonic, Kodak, Xioami Yi and GoPro. What makes them a top brand is the quality they offer at a price lower than stock products. Let’s also not forget the different charging accessories they offer that also OEM brands do not have. So Why not choose Wasabi? If you can get the same or better performance than the stock batteries for a much cheaper price then go ahead and pick Wasabi Power.

I have been using Wasabi batteries since a long time now. I had used them for my GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ as well as other DSLR cameras. When I upgraded to Hero4, I immediately bought the Wasabi batteries since they are at a fraction of the price of the stock ones, if I can save some money for the same product then why not do it. Based on my personal experience with Wasabi, they have a great customer service and would offer an immediate help in case you have any question or concern!

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Wasabi Power offer various batteries for all GoPro models available on the market. From Hero to Hero4, I do use Wasabi for all my GoPro cameras. Their size is perfect, they fit nicely in the camera unlike some reviews I saw from one user saying that the batteries are a little bigger than the stock ones. I’ve never had any issue with this myself. I don’t remember how many videos I shot using these batteries but it must be a LOT! Another cool thing I noticed is the plastic tab, it’s a little longer than the OEM one which makes it easier to pull the battery out of the camera.

The Wasabi Batteries are Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with an output power of 1160mAh which is the same as the stock batteries. I noticed that sometimes the Wasabi lasts a little longer. Recharge times are fast, I usually charge them using the dual Wasabi charger. This charger has a USB cable that can be connected to a 5V wall socket or a computer. It has an LED light that flashes in GREEN once you connect the mini USB cable, it stays RED during charging then GREEN when charging is completed. What I also liked about this charger is its compatibility with GoPro batteries, I can charge both brands using the same charger!


What Can Wasabi Offer For Us GoPro Users

As I mentioned above, you can get the Wasabi at a fraction of the price of GoPro. Knowing that you are buying quality and durability as well. One Wasabi battery for Hero4 costs around $8.99, what I did is I bought their bundle which consists of a triple battery charger + 3 batteries for less than $30, whereas the GoPro only offers a dual charger that comes with 1 battery at a price less than 45$! They also have dual charger bundles + 2 batteries.

This was great for me since I needed something to charge my batteries simultaneously because when I’m traveling, I do charge everything at night then roam around with 3-4 batteries that will last me the whole day. Charging one battery at a time is a nightmare. But again it’s a personal choice and it also depends whether or not you need this amount of batteries.


To Conclude

The Wasabi GoPro battery can be the real deal when it comes to aftermarket batteries, it offers the same if not better quality at a much less price than the GoPro. I personally prefer Wasabi as it has much value per dollar spent compared to the GoPro one. Make sure to check the reviews on Amazon for you to know more about the Wasabi GoPro battery.

So what do you think about my Wasabi Battery review? Are you familiar with this brand? already own one ? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comments section below! 🙂