OK, so you went on a snowboarding trip to Switzerland and you took tons of videos and photos with your GoPro, now comes the real deal: How to edit GoPro videos like a PRO! Well you have different options, I personally use the “MOVAVI Video Editor 10” for quick editing which is really simple to use and don’t require any previous experience with editing videos. Some people use the GoPro Studio which honestly I don’t like since it’s super slow and crashes a lot. I also use the Adobe premiere for more advanced editing.

Here, I will show you how to create an amazing video using the MOVAVI video editor so you can share it with your friends and family. If I can do it, you can do it too. It’s not that complicated, I promise 🙂

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1- Copy the videos from your GoPro to your computer (create a folder with the trip location, date and add Unedited, ex: Switzerland_20150725_Unedited), that way you can keep all the original media backed up to your computer in case you need to access it later. Now create another folder (trip location , date and add Edited, ex: (Switzerland_20150725_Edited), we will use this folder to store our edited video(s).


2- Open Movavi video editor, click “Add Media Files”, browse to the folder we created (Hawaii_20150725_Unedited) and select the videos that you want to edit. The files will appear on the timeline in the bottom.


3- Now you can start cutting unnecessary sections of the videos, to do that, click on the video and locate where you want to start cutting, once you find it, pause the video and click the “Scissors” button to split the video in two parts. Hit “Delete” on your keyboard to delete the video segment. If you would like to delete a segment in the middle of the video, then you need to cut the video in two: at the beginning of the section and again in two at the end of the section, then delete the segment that you don’t want.


4- Now we need to setup the transition between the clips. Go to the “Transitions” tab, click the icons to see the transition preview on the windows on the right, choose the ones you like the drag and drop them between your video clips.


5- What I also like in this video editor is the slow motion effect which every GoPro video should have! To do that, you need to click on the clip that you want to play in slow motion and go to the “Tools” tab and click on Slow Motion and move the Speed slider to the left to reduce the speed of the video. You can also speed up the video which is a very cool feature that I use a lot in most of the videos I create.



6- After the slow motion effect, it’s time to add some background music to your footage to make it more awesome! To do that, Click on Add Media and choose your favorite audio track for the video, it will be added to the timeline. Try to find a track that is longer than you video or if you would like, you can add multiple tracks (it’s up to you!). You just need to drag the right edge of the audio track to the left to reach the end of your video so they both stop and the same time (you don’t want the video to end and the music is still running 🙂 )


7- You are almost done! You will notice that the original recorded audio of your Gopro videos is running as well, so in case you want to remove it, you can click on it in the timeline and reduce the volume or just delete it.



8- To save the video, click on “Export”, you will notice that you have over 90 output formats, choose the one you find most suitable, I would normally go for the 1080p 30fps if I want to upload it to Youtube or Vimeo, but again it’s up to you to choose. Then click “Start”and save it to the folder you created earlier in Step 1 (Switzerland_20150725_Edited).



There you have it folks!

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If you have any questions, then please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below and I will be more than happy to help 🙂