So you’re online, looking for action cameras and you ask yourself: Which GoPro should I buy, which one is the best, I can see different models but I’m not sure which one is suitable for me. Yeah I know it can be a little confusing at first because all cameras look the same, that’s why I want to share with you my personal experience with different models and I will break it down for you in three categories to help you decide.


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1- You Are An Extreme Sports Junkie

Yes I know that modern smartphones are capable of taking great videos, but action cameras like GoPro are small, rugged and light, you take them in situations where using your smartphone is not really practical. Can you stick your phone to your chest while kitesurfing or to a board when snowboarding ? Would you take your DSLR camera and strap it around your head while surfing ? I don’t think so.

Whether you’re a skydiver, base jumper , extreme motocross driver or just any extreme sports addict then you have one thing in common (the eagerness to re-live the moment), the moment when you jumped or when you were 20 feet into the air, every small detail is worth recording. That’s the reason why you need to have the best possible video quality, and when I say the best, I mean a 4K Ultra High Definition video which is only available in the GoPro Hero4 Black.

The Black has the ability of shooting 4K (3840 x 2160) videos at 30 frames per second, so if you want your videos to look as great as possible then that’s the way to go. Be sure that your extreme footage will be worth every dollar you paid on this camera, just keep in mind that you need to have a 4K capable TV or PC in order to watch these videos. It also shoots 2.7K at 60fps. If you would like to have higher frame rates for slow-motion purpose then you can choose the 1080p at 120fps or “Prepare yourselves guys” the 720p at 240fps!!

Yes, 120fps and 240fps, can you just imagine how flexible the editing will be with these frame rates, you can get very very sweet and smooth slow-motion videos from a 120fps footage. I personally really enjoy shooting high-speed activities with the Black, I get a stunning detail that your naked eye cannot see.

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2- You Are An Adventurer

You can be a climber, a kite surfer or a hiker, you like taking risks without going to the extreme, you like to explore mountains or surf beautiful beaches. If you’re like me, always trying to take videos while in action then you might need a good camera. The GoPro Hero4 Silver can do the job, equipped with a 12 megapixels sensor, the Hero4 Silver can shoot up to 1080p at 60 frames per second.

It can take pretty impressive still shots, its burst mode can take up to 30 photos per second, its time lapse and night lapse are awesome, you should definitely try these two features, you will love them, guaranteed! The silver is great for almost all activities where I don’t need the 4K quality or the very high frame rate of 240fps.

The good thing about this camera is that it comes with an integrated LCD screen, compared to the Hero4 Black that doesn’t have one. The advantages of the LCD are great, it helps you frame your shots, easily adjust settings and modes, playback videos/photos without connecting your camera to the app or PC. And because it’s an LCD, you can use it when its dark unlike the Black where you need light to see the front monochrome display.

It really makes your life easier to change modes and settings then to use the camera buttons. Let’s not forget the other awesome features the GoPro cameras have like the after dark setting which lets you customize the exposure settings, the auto low light mode that automatically changes frame rates based on the lighting conditions so you can move between light and dark places without worrying about changing any setting.



3- You Are An Explorer/Amateur

You don’t have to be a pro skydiver to own a GoPro. Even though it’s an action camera, it can be used for different purposes. You just have to keep in mind that all GoPro cameras has the fish eye effect because of their ultra wide lens which means that the shooting angle is very wide so it’s not recommended to shoot photos/videos from far away, but you can still shoot panoramic style landscape shots like sunsets with a stunning quality. You can use it as a dash-cam in you car, to take footage of any dangerous driving you may witness.

If you are a musician, you can attach it to your instrument and take footage of your skills! and with over 60+accessories and mounts, you can capture a wide variety of activities and perspective. This enables you to practically attach you GoPro to anything, you can even attach it to your dog or to your baby 🙂 to a drone or to a firework. And when you’re not using your GoPro for activities, you can use it as a webcam on you computer for Skype or live broadcasting, yes you actually can.

Let’s also not forget about the awesome additional GoPro features like burst mode and quick capture. So if you are an explorer, amateur, musician or just anyone, you can still enjoy a GoPro and you might want to consider the Hero4 Silver or even the Hero which is the cheapest of the GoPro series.

gopro guitar


There you have it folks, I hope you liked this article!

Are you an extreme sports junkie, an adventurer or an amateur? I would love to know your answer.

Feel free to leave me a comment in the comments section below and if you have any questions I’ll be more than happy to help 🙂