Cheap GoPro alternatives

Ever wondered about the availability of cheap GoPro alternatives?  If yes, then you may want to continue reading!
Among first things that come to mind when you think of action cameras is GoPro. After all, this is the camera that dominated the market of action photography and made it easy to capture action and sports videos. Yes, there were other cameras long before GoPro that made its foray into the market. However, they couldn’t cater to the needs of people looking to capture the action. And the problem is, not everyone can afford a GoPro.

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As with other cameras, GoPro is available in different models, with the price of its base model, Hero, coming in at $200.

The good news is that there are a number of companies that are coming out with their own versions of action cameras that are cheaper and can offer you similar features at a better value for money. If you’ve been wondering what these options are then your wait is finally over. Read on to find out more about these cameras.

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SJ5000X Elite

SJcam SJ5000X Elite Review

When you look at budget action cameras that come with a host of features alone, the market is quite big and there are plenty of options available for customers. The SJCAM SJ5000X Elite is one such option available today. As with other action cameras, there are plenty of features to look forward in this one including 4k at 24fps, built-in LCD and Wi-Fi. With all these attractive features coming in at a price rate of $129.99 makes it quite an attractive option.

The SJ5000X Elite looks quite similar to GoPro Hero4 Silver that once ruled the action cameras world at one stage. This handy camera comes along with a waterproof housing which is secured by a compression lever lock. As such the case looks pretty similar to the one employed on GoPro. However, the selling point for this camera has been its high resolution and high-quality 4K video recording that is quite remarkable for a device at this price point.

Go for SJ5000X Elite if you are looking for a budget action camera at an affordable rate. It may not be the best one out there but certainly does the trick for you.

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Yi 4K Action Camera

YI 4K Cam Review

If you thought that the SJ5000X Elite looked quite similar to GoPro then you’ll be more surprised about the similarity between the GoPro and the Yi 4K Action Camera. Whether it’s the waterproof housing or the font on the menu camera, everything of this action camera resembles that of GoPro. However, the similarity ends just about there.

While the GoPro Hero4 Black costs you a whopping $400, Yi 4K Action Camera will set you back at a much lower price! However, this price difference doesn’t mean you’ll end up compromising on features. With Yi 4K, you’ll get a larger screen (2.19 inches as opposed to GoPro’s no LCD), a more responsive camera and a higher resolution (330 pixels per inch). The quality of images you get with the Yi 4K is pretty similar to the GoPro.

Go for this action camera if you want a cheaper version of the Hero 4 Black.

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Polaroid Cube+ Wi-Fi

Polaroid Cube Review

The design of this Polaroid is pretty similar to the Hero 4 Session. The good thing about this Cube+ Wi-Fi is its reasonable price, wireless features, and compact design. What is also attractive is its 8MP camera that comes along with 124-drgree lens for letting you record videos in 1440p. What’s more, there’s adequate support available for both slow and fast motion captures. Also, another interesting feature of Cube+ Wi-Fi which you cannot ignore is that it is waterproof for up to 30 feet.

The device also includes microSD support, microUSB, microHDMI, and an in-built WiFi support. All of these will help you take real time control over audio as well as enable you to watch videos in real time. The battery of Cube+ is less impressive given that it only lasts for a full hour while recording videos at 1080p.

You can go for the Polaroid Cube+ Wi-Fi if you’re looking for something in the price range of $150 without the need for high-end features.

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HTC Re Camera

HTC RE Review

HTC Re Camera can be your GoPro alternative if you’re specifically looking for a new design of action cameras. Though, at a first glance, the device may look a bit weird and different from the usual camera deisgn. HTC Re uses a 16MP Sony CMOS camera that has a 146-degree ultra-wide angle lens and gives you the ability to record videos in 1080p up to 30 fps.

This camera has WiFi, a microSD slot, a Tripod hole, 5-pin microUSB, and Bluetooth 4.0. The availability of BLE and WiFi connectivity makes it possible for you to control this action camera using iOS or Android smartphone app.

You can have this device for just under 75$! Go for this device if you’re looking for a smart but decent action camera and are absolutely fine with having a non-removable battery.

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Sony HDR-AS50

Sony HDR AS50

Sony has an impressive collection of action cameras and therefore, it shouldn’t be really tough to find a GoPro alternative out of it. However, if you’re looking for a decent camera that has good features and a reasonable price then look no further than the Sony HDR-AS50. Among the first things you’ll notice with this camer is its 11.1 MP Exmor R sensor with Zeiss 170-degree lens. In addition to letting you shoot videos in 1080p up to 120 fps, this device also adequately supports 4K time-lapse videos.

Sony HDR-AS50 comes with a monochrome display and has an intuitive interface that can be controlled using buttons. For connectivity purposes, the device comes along with a microUSB port, microHDMI port, and a microSD slot.

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Some might say that nothing can be compared with the GoPro’s quality and features but I would say differently. These five cameras can be easily compared with the 4 GoPro models (Hero, Hero 4 Session, Silver and Black). They were made by top brands that existed long before GoPro and are leaders in the photography industry like Sony and Polaroid.

So if you’re looking for cheap GoPro alternatives, you now have a variety of cameras you can chose from without having to compromise on quality and features.

I hope you found my article useful,  if you have any questions then please feel free to post a comment in the comments section below 🙂